It’s a girl…her name is Léna


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It was about 6-6.30pm on a Thursday that she decided, it was time. I knew that one contraction I felt, was nothing like a braxton hick. It was different, intense, not so painful but definitely a stopper. It was real, it was coming, yet I kept my calm and finished my work, cooked dinner before calling my husband to let him know that labor had started. I slowly got ready since the contractions were still 15 minutes apart and my doctor has advice me to only go to the hospital under few ifs, which was not the case yet. So I stayed home, calmly wrapping up things while thinking of her and how would she come to the world, what would be my reaction, her dad’s and how beautiful and healthy would she be??? so many questions.

After my husband got home we continued getting her space ready, at that point my contractions were about 13 minutes apart. I took a hot shower to help me relax which did wonder because my stress level was going up due to the contraction that were getting more painful. Each one would freeze time for me; everything had to stop for me to hold my husband’s hand or anything close enough to squeeze hard, really hard. He made fun of me because after each contraction I would give him my brightest smile like… “everything okayyy, I can handle it, no worries” lol I was determined to go all natural.

After that shower, things got a bit faster however, I went from 13 minutes between each strike to 9, then after only 2 sequence of 9 minutes apart, it rushed to 5 minutes apart. It was 5 am, we called my OB and head to the hospital. The hospital was just a few blocks from my upper east side apartment but I was not rushing and only got there at 6 am. My husband made a joke once we arrived at the labor and delivery floor, he said “we have a package to deliver”… and I burst into tears. Not so much because of the corny joke but because the worst contraction so far was taking the life out of me… in fact from that point on, everything changed. While I kept refusing the epidural, labor accelerated into two contractions back to back before a minute break so it was like /contraction, contraction, break, contraction, contraction/ instead of the /contraction, break, contraction/ I was expecting. Man, I felt that something was wrong called everybody to come check on the baby, cried,….and then asked for the anesthetist. Hilarious, I was so in pain I could not bare anyone touching me, not the nurse, not my husband not even the anesthetist… I am just happy they did not refuse to give me the epidural because I was so close to giving birth. Guys…It changed the whole game! Instant relieve! I wanted to slap myself for not asking for it earlier… Good bye all natural birth, I was able to relax and welcome my daughter stress free and enjoy her from the very first minute she arrived.




So I entered  the hospital at 6am?… Baby arrived at 10.28am and my life changed forever. There you have it, all the painful details as promised!


Meet my little human (9 months on the pictures above), she sat at 4 months; 1st tooth at 5 months; said papa at 7 months, Mama at 9months; started walking on my birthday eve February 5th at 10 and 1/2 months. She is intelligent and resourceful already! She is strong and funny. She is amazing and I am so grateful to have her.


Thanks for reading!

Love, Aïssata.