My pregnancy story

Hello babes,

Grab a tea, coffee or drink, this is going to be long ;-D

I wish, I could have told you all much earlier but, this is one of those exciting things that makes you so incredibly happy but, that is also so very fragile that you just want to keep it to yourself until you are sure (although you are never really sure). As time passed, I felt like I just wanted to keep it to myself and see how my friends will notice it when and if I see them. It was a wonderful secret that no one could guess (at least until I start showing). Anyhow, as my friends were finding out, I’ve gotten the most amusing facial expressions; they were very excited for me.

So if you have seen me these past months, you probably already know, if not, I am sure with the very clever title or these above few lines you probably have guessed the reason behind today’s post. Yea, no? Well…

Baby Kinder surpriseThis is it and if you are reading this right now, that means we have made it through the 9 months and I am heading to the labor & delivery room or maybe, I did not get a chance to hit “publish” and baby has just arrived. Either way, please, send your prayers my way babes!


Yes…., sometime, somewhere, somehow along last year’s busy-ness of business and craziness of New York city life, this happened and it literally changed my life, my vision of life and all… I mean ALL my priorities.

Experiencing the miracle of life is by far, the most incredible feeling, the most humbling, confusing, reassuring, frightening, overwhelming, beautiful, joyful feeling of them all. We, women have been touch by the utmost greatness of god- The power of creating, barring, feeling and feeding another human being- in our womb. Best of all, we are gifted with the one thing that can provide the best nutrition and protection for our little human’s immune system- our breast and the milk that feed our child. I wish this happiness on every single one of you woman who are planning on having children.

Below, I will try to give you a brief taste of my experience with as many details as I can about my pregnancy. Also, because, I chose not to know and reveal the gender, I am going to call my little human “kinder” like kinder surprise, the chocolate egg you break in half to find a surprise inside?… you got it, ok, Kinder.

Please just remember that every pregnancy is different.

1st month:

Nothing! I am so going about my business. Work, work, work. Deep into my busy life, I did not notice anything which is usually the case in the first month, as they say.

2nd month:

Still running around like a crazy person. Too busy to notice that my little sisters (=periods) did not show up yet (I usually don’t feel any pain pre or post menstrual). However, toward the end of the month, I am feeling stomach aches. I thought I had eaten something bad that was causing my stomach discomfort but it was not going away. So I started thinking that because of the work, the stress, new collection coming out and current collection being shipped to stores, my stomach was up to an ulcer or something crazy…. That one day, I could not get out of my bed, it was awful; so when I finally found the strength to head to the emergency room, I went. Still feeling very very bad, it was no way this was because of food poisoning. OMG is it an ULCER ?!?!

After several blood test and all, the doctor came back to me and said…you are pregnant!!!! PREGNANT!!! PREEEEEEEEGNAAAAAANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally lost my voice. Somehow excited yet confused and again was not sure she was correct so when I asked the doctor again, she was like… would you rather have an ulcer??? ….euh nope!

Work: wrapping up SS15 collection for review, previews and September fashion coterie trade-show.

3rd month:

Well it’s official, I am with child and I even heard the beautiful sound of the heartbeat but I can not enjoy it just yet. I feel SICK, SICK, SICK, MORNING SICKNESS ALL DAY ANY DAY ALL NIGHT ANY NIGHT SICK ALL THE TIME!!!. I can’t do anything, can’t eat anything, can’t smell anything, can’t go anywhere, not even work, disappeared from the office, from factories, from the public and friendly scenes. Sick, worst feeling ever, lost 10 pounds, every inch of my body seems to hurt and was hospitalized twice (Morning sickness lasted for 2 months until the middle of month 4) My only salvation was eating organic split peas soup, with bread or crackers and crying so I felt helpless. Cheers!

Oh and another funny thing, while all of this was going on, I was also paranoid. My stomach was so flat, I was so sick, I was loosing weight and could not see the doctor every day obviously, so I did some silly things, such as asking my husband to put a glass against my belly and listen if he could hear the baby’s heart. He thought I went crazy, his wife psychologically challenged lol but guess what? He had no choice, he did it. He said he heard the baby’s heart beating through the glass on my belly…..and, whether it was true or not, it made me feel better. Smh, you guys are allowed to laugh at me but in my defense, I recently heard another pregnant women saying that she had the same worries and stormed into an emergency room to get her baby’s heartbeat checked lol

FYI: Morning sickness does not affect all women. I have friends who were more or less sick compared to me and others that did not experienced a second of discomfort. I guess my body does not handle hormones very well. I don’t know but I was miserable.

4th month:

The heightened sensibility to smells is still very present although morning sickness is slowly resuming. My husband was a champ through this sickness journey! Even though he was quite worried about me during the first trimester, and very mad at me for not forcing myself to eat; as soon as I started feeling better, he took me away to Jamaica for few days. Over there, I felt fabulous again. It was paradise. I had so much energy, I did not get sick once. And of course, as soon as I was back in NYC, at the JFK airport, I got sick. Aarrgh…New York city, I love you but you stink!!!

So I started to feel better towards the middle of this month….slowly but surely better. I had another ultra sound and every appointment is like having a date with kinder, I can see the heart beating, my baby’s shape and anatomy and how much this little bundle of joy is moving, it’s overwhelming, I get emotional every-time lol. Kinder seems to have a favorite position already which is her face turned toward my back. I should tell you guys, this gave the ultrasonographer a hard time to catch her face and profile which made me have to walk around the hospital until she turns around. Eventually, she did, I was back in the dark ultra sound room, baby was still moving around until it just stopped, turn that little head toward us and stared at us for couple of minutes, just enough time to catch a picture of her profile. Before returning to that favorite position, Kinder gracefully waved at us with the cutest little fingers. I was holding my husband’s hand so tight, I could have broken my own fingers.

Up to this point, I am wearing my normal clothes and no cravings! I am wondering when my babybump is going to show, I am impatient to gain weight (I know, that sounds bizarre, but really!) Looking back at my stomach on our Jamaican trip pictures…. I can tell that baby is showing, you might not see it on the pictures but I do. It’s very shy but it is there.


In Montego Bay, Jamaica


In Montego Bay, Jamaica


In Montego Bay, Jamaica

5th month:

Feeling better than ever, energy is back, I am eating more stuff (at the exception of meat, chicken, garlic and onions- basically everything that I love eating).

I am showing, Yay!! Finally !! Kinder is growing and what was like vibrations motions became real kicks and hiccups I can feel. It is very hard to explain how that feels, but the bond is there, the pregnancy is real and it is all amazing. Kinder moves so much, it is incredible to think of a human growing inside another human body, in this case inside me!!!!!. There is nothing more real than such an experience. I love how much Kinder moves, yet for every moves I feel, I get more and more impatient to see my baby. But, I will wait, I want you to come big and healthy baby 🙂

Work: I am slowly but surely planning the life transition that is about to happen and in my case, because I have a business that I run all on my own, the changes have to happen on a professional level as much as the personal one. No matter what, both areas of my life shall prosper because a djeeg’n is just as strong as everything that comes her way; she tackles it and run for the win!

Funny anecdote lol; As my baby bump is growing, hubby is having an epiphany, check this:

Hubs: Babe, you’re pregnant.

Moi: yes hun, I’ve been pregnant.

Husband: yea but now you are pregnant, pregnant, look at yourself in the miror

Moi: I know, I have

Hubs: but your are really pregnant, it’s huge.

hahahaaaaa what??? seriously?!?!?….. lol, I can’t

IMG_48286th month:

Morning sickness is sooo gone and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more….. lol

Kinder is growing. My internal organs are taking a serious beating (btw, the only time of your life you will be allowed to beat me like that my child)  I don’t feel the kicks on the inside as much but I love the one I can see and feel on the out-shell of my womb on the surface of my belly. I can recognize a hiccups from a kick but hubby and I try to figure out if it is an elbow or a foot kick every time. There is just so much love going around, I can’t take it!

Work: The bump is taking more of my personal space, and yet, I thought I was flexible…oops! Sitting and sewing is getting harder every day. It is time to find yet another way to make it work for the business and make sure to bring the best Djeeg’n fashion for my customers. Working out has become easier too, I am totally tired after my work out session, I am done for the day but it is good. It feels healthy, the doctor recommends it and I love it.

At the end of this month, I will be traveling again to Paris and Sénégal, yes, my favorite destinations for work and pleasure and this time there is something new, I am moving around with Kinder seriously growing bigger inside me.

7th Month:

This is pure, unconditional love.

I returned from my trip to Sénégal where I met with the rest of the in-laws and got lots of work done for Djeeg’n. It was a fantastic work/vacation, yet too short. They were all so kind to me and so very excited for me and Abdou (my hubby). My body is so rested, relaxed and full of that vitamin D from the sun, I now sleep like a baby.

In Dakar, Sénégal

In Dakar, Sénégal

In Dakar, SénégalOur trial to move into a new apartment after we returned from Senegal was a total flop. We ended up putting all our stuff in a storage. The new apartment in Harlem was just not ready for us (falsely advertised) which stressed me out so much and in the midst of all of that I have decided I do not want to move there anymore so back to apartment in upper east side and apartment hunting again!!! Although, I doubt that we will be able to move before baby’s arrival.

Work: Lifting and carrying fabrics and stuff—is now impossible. Sitting and sewing all day- not possible. I did all the bookkeeping in preparation for tax season but it was not easy. I am also always tired after every meals. I am limited in terms of my work ability now but I am definitely working on other avenues that does not require my body to bend and work so hard to get anything done. I had made beautiful hand dyed fabrics when I was in Sénégal and will be working on these new items for Spring Summer 2015.

This is how to work hard under the sun. Outdoor factory in Dakar, Sénégal.

This is how to work hard under the sun. Outdoor factory in Dakar, Sénégal.

8th Month

Still no cravings 😦 So far, everything is great with Kinder. Heart rate- Check! Growth rate- Check! Weight gain- Check! Position- Check! Thank you God, feeling blessed!

Baby “stuff” shopping is happening this month!!!!!!! Yes. Although I did not want to receive any gift and have a baby shower before Kinder is here, I am excited about baby shopping because it means that our face to face rendez-vous is getting closer.

So we just got the few necessary stuff, newborn clothes, diapers, stroller, crib, nursing bras…. woop woop! it’s all so adorable, I can’t take it.

By the way, I choose a stroller and car seat bundle in black and white. Did you know that the best gift you could give to your newborn is black, white, red, stripes and high contrast everything? It helps with improving their vision and brain connections. A study I read, showed that surrounding babies with pastel colors or low intensity contrasts was like blindfolding them or blurring their vision. Look into it if you are becoming a new mom. It’s quite interesting.

53369343596904p9th Month:

Resting, nesting, waiting is the name of the game this month. From here on out I will be meeting my OB every week. Not that I like going to the doctor’s office but in this particular case I am so excited. I am also very aware of my body and paying attention to eventual labor signs….maybe too much lol

Heartburns and swollen hands and feet are not really symptoms of mine, lucky me. My weight gain is now up to 32 lbs including the 10 lbs I lost to begin with 🙂 And overall I am feeling pretty damn good! I have been catching up with my very close friends and went out brunching in my favorite restaurants before I can no longer move just by myself. Also a great night out with Abdou 😉

A night out with hubby before we get busy ;)

A night out with hubby before we get busy 😉

Kinder’s movements are like squirms and stretches nowadays. Baby gets very active when I lay down on my back at night (which I can’t do for too long due to the baby’s weight) It amuses me to see the wave on the surface of my belly and I can already feel how strong Kinder bones already are.

I am now catching up with the whole labor experience thing. Did I tell you that I want no epidural nor pain killers? Yes mama is going for an all natural vaginal birth. Yes I am worried but hey… that’s what I want and I trust god to facilitate my choice and the transition of my baby from life inside the womb to the outside world.

I am also very excited about breastfeeding, I mean exclusively breastfeeding until Kinder is about a month old and then I will introduce the breast milk via bottles, but I am sure I will tell you all about it in time.

Hope you like what you have read so far. It is really the most exciting event of my life. I can’t wait for you to also meet my little angel. Stay tuned, there is more to come. For right now, I am going to leave you to it while I am probably yelling my life out, crying my happiness of finally meeting Kinder and being a mom or maybe just sleeping off the birthing experience lol

Love, Aissata.



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