My awesome coat is a success

Soooo…. I started my own clothing line called DJEEG’N about a year and a half ago (story to come later) and so I am currently selling my second collection in stores and online at Today I really want to share this awesomeness with you guys; Watch the video here or see below and try to understand where I am coming from.

I can not believe how successful this coat has been for my business. The design came to my mind at the very last minute, right before we closed the designing window, it almost did not make it. In wholesale business, everything is scheduled;  product development which includes research/sourcing and buying sample fabrics, testing, pattern making, prototypes, corrections, muslins and sampling, all of it combined under this department’s title is the second hardest part of the business; production is the absolute hardest lol. The process of product development takes months of work and fabrics versus styles dilemmas before we can show final samples to our stores….Oh my….. I am so happy, I pushed in this design because it is the best piece of the collection. My assistant argues the opposite. She says that the Coumbaré is equivalent to other beautiful pieces in the collection such as the Mariam dress for instance another popular item of our Autumn Winetr 2014 collection. She is right, however, from my perspective, it is the coat because it was for me a 100% risk since I have never designed coats before this one.

Every time I wear this coat I feel so special. Even more so because I can see excitement in people’s eyes. When the hood it up, people are staring at me and as we are crossing each other’s path, I can hear them whisper… “who is she” “nice coat” lol.

Of course, when you live in New York city it’s frequent to run into pop stars and actors, plus I live right across the street from a Tv channel. But with the Coumbaré coat (named after my sister) I have sass, strength, confidence, sexiness, importance without even trying to be and people see me as someone else 🙂

Today, on my way to the office (there are no off days from enjoying life), this one young Djeeg’n, called Caroline stopped me on the street to ask where I got my coat from (yes, some women are confident enough to do so) and when I told her that I designed it and it is being sold on my website, She said: great, will be on it tonight. I was like “sure, no problem, here is a card, thank you”. I did not really expect more of it because a lot of people say things that they don’t do, even friends, people are busy anyways…my whole thing was, it was nice to say so and I appreciate the compliment. But, wait…to my big surprise, I have just received an order from someone called Caroline. Now, this is not my first order from a retail perspective but the way this happened today and the whole interaction that probably lasted less than 5 minutes really blew me away. While it felt like a motivational compliment to me, it somehow felt like “the next best thing to have” for her. I am very grateful Caroline. Thank you!

It is quite fantastic to live doing what you love and seeing in others’ eyes that you are doing it right! So from me to you, DO WHAT YOU WANT! when you find out what that is, just go for it, ignore that little voice that is asking “what if you fail”, failure is good! Ignore the people around you that don’t believe in it, they can’t see what you see, they don’t believe in themselves and YOU are the one who need to believe in YOU! Do your homework and take a leap toward what/who you want to be. DJEEG’N means woman, we believe in women’s abilities to succeed and we promote self-confidence because success, may it be for a career in corporate or for raising children starts within oneself.

Watch the video! I hope you will love it and feel why I am so proud of this design.

More DJEEG’N stories to come! Xx Aissata


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