Time out at the pacific ocean in Malibu, California.

Today I am sharing a bit of my life with you. A poem from my past.

It is in French because when I wrote it that’s just the way it happened. It was couple of years ago, after a not- so- great break up that let my heart open wounded and love still gushing out of it. Then for a while you are in that state of being. Something that makes you wonder what’s wrong inside of you, you know it will go away but at the moment you can’t just shake it off.

When I finally came out of that torpor (because life always goes on and what don’t kill you makes you stronger) and I saw him again (I was looking freaking hot by the way…) I wondered why in the world did he got so close to me that he made me feel that baaaaad????

Anyways. unfortunately, yes it happened to me. So when I looked back to understand what had happened, so I could either move on or avoid mistake or simply learn about myself, I understood who he was. And it turn my feeling into …wow I experienced something really deep. I forgave him, I felt bad for him and It’s part of my story now, it makes my future me.

Today, I was going through my external hard drive looking for something to inspire me and I found this poem I wrote. I talks about what I had time to grasp about him, during our relationship.


Un Intellectuel en quête de savoir

Sage en quête d’éducation

Educateur en quête d’élèves

Elève en quête de compréhension

Incompris en quête de lui-même

Lui en quête de paix

Pacifiste en quête d’amour

Amoureux en quête de vérité.

Anatomie d’un Roi écorché vif.

Toi, tel que je te vois.

Aissata BA 11/01/2010

So this is what it would be in english


An Intellectual seeking knowledge

Sage seeking education

Educator seeking students

Student seeking understanding

Misunderstood soul seeking himself

Him seeking peace

Pacifist seeking love

Lover seeking truth

Anatomy of a king skinned alive

You, as I see you

Aissata BA 11/01/2010

It made me smile reading this today haha… I actually found it beautiful 🙂

Well, I am sure, all you african refugees from different cities, countries, continents, planets and mothers go through some sort of up and downs and I just want to remind you to always search within yourself, understand your past to move smoothly and happily into your future.

I will make my next post about fashion 🙂

Until Then, stay fabulous!


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