A minute of reflection before going on stage.

Kaissa- I like to think of her as the Queen of Afrobeat– is a very talented Cameroon born international artist. Her last album is titled “I AM SO HAPPY” and if the cover don’t give it away, listening to it will tell you why.

Her music is contemporary using jazz, funk and a western African twist added to her soulful vocals. Her musical universe is made of everything that makes her feel blissful, happy, angry, sad, love and loved. She is outspoken and her message is powerful, taking roots on human condition, injustice, genital mutilations … but also romantic love stories.

Saturday night the Metropilitan Room located West 22 street, New York City was graced by Kaissa’s presence, her uplifting spirit and incredible voice. The first African Cameroonian artist to hit the stage of this acoustically great Metropolitan room, for the satisfaction of a mesmerized audience. She literally hypnotized us for an hour  and moved us on a journey around her thoughts.

The room was packed and by the end of the show, every single soul in there was dancing to Kaissa’s beat.

I had invited couple of friends of mine and Dame Babou, president of African Communication Network to come to her concert because I knew they would love it. And… indeed… it was love at first sight, just as I felt, myself, the very first time I heard her voice, couple of months ago at Red Rooster, Harlem.

When I asked her, after the show, during an interview for African Time Radio, when did she start singing, her answer was “age 5, I used to stand on the table and constrain my family to listen to me until the last lyric” haha… cute isn’t it 🙂 No need to obligate anyone anymore Kaissa. That little girl has grown to captivate a room by a single sound of her voice.

Thank you for an amazing performance!

Everybody, get ready to be happy!






Kaissa accompanied on stage by Seth L Johnson, Fred Doumbe and Harvey Wirht, respectively from left to right.






I am missing few last pictures of everyone dancing, because of course, I was too busy dancing 😀

Click here for more about Kaissa.








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