Happy New Year 2013!!!!


Happy New Year 2013 to each and every one of you. I want to take this time and thank you for being such wonderful followers of the African Refugee blog. Thank you for following, reading the posts, liking them, sharing them and all the feedbacks I have been receiving through email. I hope that what I have been writing since september, when I started this blog has been helpful and insightful for some of you. You are wonderful and I wish you all a healthy, happy, prosperous 2013 filled with Peace, Love and Harmony.

We’ve just said good-bye to a nice yet challenging 2012 and hello to a 2013 promise of more challenges and many achievements which for unrelated reasons, somehow, remind me of two poems written by Tupac Amaru Shakur in the book called “The Rose that grew From Concrete

The Rose that Grew From Concrete- 1999 Pocket Books

The Rose that Grew From Concrete- 1999 Pocket Books

Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971-1996)

Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971-1996)

If I Fail

If in my quest 2 achieve my goals

I stumble or crumble and lose my soul

Those that knew me would easily co-sign

There was never a life as hard as mine

No father-no money- no chance and no guide

I only follow my voice inside

If it guides me wrong and I do not win

I’ll learn from mistakes and try 2 achieve again.

Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971-1996)

And 2morrow

Today is filled with anger

Fueled with hidden hate

Scared of being outcast

Afraid of common fate

Today is built on tragedies

which no one wants 2 face

Nightmares 2 Humanities

and morally disgraced

Tonight is filled with rage

Violence in the air

Children bred with ruthlessness

Because no one at home cares

Tonight I lay my head down

But the pressure never stops

gnawing at my sanity

content when I am dropped

But 2morrow I c change

A chance 2 build anew

Built on spirit, intent of heart

and ideals based on truth

And 2morrow I wake with second wind

And strong because of pride

2 know I fought with all my heart 2 keep my dream alive.

Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971-1996)

I like to say that what goes around comes around so whatever good, whatever bad we all may go through in life, just remember to keep on walking with the most genuine smile on your face and dream as much, as big and as wild as you can. You are the bearer of your own success. 2013 is yourz!

One Love,

Happy New Year!

Aissata Ba



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