Meet Haitian beauty Paola. You look absolutely stunning here my dear!

Paola... Lost in New York City





Bohiomania is a hand-made  jewelry line by Haitian designer, Marie Valerie Placide. All pieces are made with various stones of all different colors to represent the true essence of the fabulous, powerful, and stylish woman.

Valerie and I have a very long history going all the way back to my childhood. when I left Haiti 13 years ago, she was one of the people I missed the most. I remember getting in trouble for stealing her books to read. They were books far too mature for my age. After she figured I had gone through her romance novel collection, we would lie down side by side to fantasize about the fairy-tale like stories. Prince Charming this. Happy ending that. Oh, the memories!

Valerie finally made it to the United States after the earthquake happened with her son. Finally, I was able to reconnect with her, and I was ecstatic when…

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  1. Hello there,

    It is a pleasure to see my brand featured on your page. Thank you for the Support! I am sure Paola will be happy to know that you are interested in our work! Thank you!

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