Duro Olowu for J.C.Penney- Great fashion for less!!!

Duro Olowu has entered the world of collaboration. Fashion for less remains in style. This African fashion icon is reaching mainstream market with a womenwear, accessories and home line @ JCPenney for spring 2013. Many of us can only look and dream about his superb patchwork silk dress (among other designs) which sells on net-a-porter website for…$5,988.00… see here. Well now, for a $100 or less, we will be able to own a piece of his talent.

Duro Olowu was born in Nigerian from a Nigerian father and a Jamaican mother. He moved to London to become a lawyer but this carrier was short lived as his passion grew stronger and bigger for fashion. In 2004 he started his second label “Duro Olowu” (the first one was Olowu Golding). In 2005, he was featured in US Vogue, which propelled his name to the high-end designer’s scale.

We had the “Chanel Suit”, two-piece, open jacket made of tweeds, originally from the 20s; then, in the 50’s the Dior “New Look” featured rounded shoulders, very small waist and full skirt for ultra femininity (as they used to say); followed in the 60’s by Yves Saint Laurent’s masterpiece, the “Mondrian Dress”, straight A-line with 4 panels of primary bold colors boarded with straight black lines; In year 2005, the Duro’s dress, high-waisted with wide sleeves used printed Georgette and silk Jacquard to win hearts and awards around the world.

Duro’s style is easily recognizable for its colors, shape and certainly the mix of patterns. And most of all, he uses his African heritage, mixes it with his occidental world to create his own African prints. Bravo!!!

Spring 2012

Spring-Summer 2011

Spring-Summer 2010

Spring- Summer 2009

And bravo to P.C.Penney for hunting him down and making his designs available for many women to afford them.

Duro Olowu for JCP

Duro Olowu for JCP

Duro Olowu for JCP

His talent has earned respect of many personalities including first lady Michelle Obama, Iman, Solange knowles, Shala Monroque… just to name a few.

I absolutely love his designs. He is to me one of the few designers out there that made African design the modern statement I was longing to see.

You don’t have to be a size zero, or rich, to look good. I hope my clothes champion women and inspire them to feel dignified, confident and sexy“, he says to the author of the book New African Fashion.

Duro, you have delivered. Ladies, March 2013 in coming soon. Let’s get ready to ransack JC Penney with class. Shall we?



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