United Colors of Fashion- 2012 Annual Gala

“Be Glamorous: Glamour Gives.”

Photo by Hung Vu

October 17th 2012, the museum of the city held the annual international United Colors of Fashion’s gala. This philanthropic organization, not only aims all effort at charities for children living with HIV and AIDS but also, with the generosity of celebrities, fashion icons and other philanthropists, support art and fashion education in New York.

Fashion is not always glamour, but when the glamourous side of it gives back to others, …..I say “Bravo!” and I want more of it. That being said, fashion is also part of a society’s culture. Culture empowers minds and bodies and I already have my idea of how to be part of the solution and empower the many generations to come. It is really important to DO something, besides, what goes around comes around and personally, it makes me happy every time I can give a little something, of any shape, to someone regardless of color, culture, religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

“The latter part of the Gala consisted of an international high fashion runway show, which was produced by the internationally acclaimed fashion and entertainment producer in Africa and honoree for Producer of the Year, Jan Malan. Featured designers such as season nine, “Project Runway” winner, Anya Ayoung-Chee, and returning presenter to UCOF, South African designer, David Tlale and other international designers such as Style Butler (Denmark), Amparo Chorda (Spain), Carla Silva (Angola), Naked Ape (South Africa), and Soucha Fashion House (Egypt). The show featured supermodels such as Sessilee Lopez, legendary Pat Cleveland, Ajak Deng, just to name a few and was supported by international ambassadors such as Ms. Universe 2011, Leila Lopes.” (To see entire article click here)

These few photos were taken by Enrique Martin

I was not able to attend the event (late notice) but I really wanted to share the information, my thoughts and some pictures that were sent to me by the organization. Hopefully next year, I and many of you will be able to participate to the bridging of fashion and the misfortune of the world. SO Rendez- vous at the United Colors of Fashion 2013 Gala!

United Colors Of fashion website here

By Aissata Ba


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