When Glamour rhymes with Grand Canyon…

My friend and I escaped New York for few days; we flew to Las Vegas, and from there drove to the Grand Canyon West Rim to find exceptional, sensational, absolutely wow views of the national park. Although the air was thin, clean and fresh, the views were… breathtaking.

I am sharing this with you because I believe that there is so much to do with this natural scale of beauty, starting with just sitting and watching…. or yet meditating ( I did a lot of that, it is a great meditation spot). But also, why not take advantage of the background and get a bit more creative? The morning before we left, I told my friend to throw a dress and some heels in a bag so we could improvise a photoshoot lol…

Ha…, you thought fashion and Grand Canyon were so opposite; well, in both we get beautiful landscapes, lots of colors, unique personality, extreme attractiveness and you can’t help it but take over 500 pictures.

Am I getting carried away here?

Anyhow I don’t know how often you get the chance to see the great gifts of nature but if you are planning on going to any place of that scale, make sure to add some spice in your bag along with your camera of course 🙂

Below are cool peeps we’ve met…

Immensely Grand Canyon…


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