Fashion & theater or maybe the other way around…

Last night, a fashion show rather unconventional took me to Harlem. It featured multiple designers and retail stores clothing. This was almost more about the performance than it was about the clothes. I mean the models were dancing, and interacting with the audience. Seriously it was a show like only Harlem would know how to set. And I am only saying that because when I think of describing it, the first thing that comes to mind is Harlem 🙂 I should stop there and let you see what it is I am talking about. Enjoy the show!

Paola was one of the models

Loved this group

A Corner Social moment

In front of Yatenga bistro where we had dinner, you should totally try and make sure to stop by their sister bar called Shrine (hit the link to check the calendar of daily live music). But, be prepared! although not so attractive at first sight, once you go to Shrine, you will go back again, and again and again…

That skirt is fiiire, love it!

Mustapha, toujours la 🙂

Tyler, the comedian we hired for dinner lol…just kidding Ty


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