New York Fashion Week SS13…I’ve got the best shots!!!

At lincoln Center for the Arise Magazine presents African Icons Fashion show featuring the latest collection of Ozwald Boateng, Gavin Rajah, Tiffany Amber, Tsemaye Binitie and Maki Oh. They sure made an African woman and creative director proud 🙂 and thank you Paola for the invit.

I heard while at lincoln center that some people have said that it was not African enough. I saw the show, from a bit far but I did and I want to say that African fashion is not about being Afrocentric, or Eurocentric for that matter but it is about translating a vision to show and give to the rest of the world what Africa has to offer and I believe this is exactly what happened on september 6th with these great African designers.

I am not sure how this will sound but I believe there is a difference between being African and looking African, besides Fashion is about change, not a static idea of what a culture should look like.

That being said…What an experience! We arrived at lincoln center to be nicely attacked by cameras and see photographers being paparazzi-ed , this is what french people would call “un quart d’heure Americain” (no offense, lots of greatness:))) Seriously we were super stars. Every one was in for the search of “who are you wearing” even the photographers were to watch out for, so they were stylish.

The picture says it all!

Needless to say, everyone loved the spider-lady dress!

The “Hat” team

Beautiful fashionistas!

Hair & more. My fav!

Cut out of a magazine


It was Absolutely Fantastic!!!!!!

Now, what is your experience of a fashion week ??? Good or embarrassing, feel free to share.


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